Specializing in Portrait, Figure, Memorial and Monumental Sculpture

A Passion For Classical Art

Ryan Kurylo is a visual artist specializing in portraiture and figurative sculpture. An avid traveler and documentarian with passion for the human condition, Ryan has developed a unique tool-set for artistic expression. As a sculptor he is breathing new life into the pinnacle of fine art, representational sculpture. Ryan Kurylo's art is influenced by classical form and modern design techniques. Infusing the beauty of nature’s proportions with extraordinary craftsmanship. He dedicates his career to creating incredible works of art celebrating great people, places and events.


With over a decade of professional fine art production Ryan is an expert in sculptural arts, bronze casting, moldmaking and patina. He has extensive anatomy knowledge and expertise essential to a figurative and portrait sculptor.


Ryan has trained under and worked with many great sculptors around the world. Generous with his knowledge and encouraging to all levels of artist, Ryan is an accomplished instructor who loves to share his experience.

Art Therapy

Ryan's art workshops improve mental health while helping students explore their creativity in a safe and supportive environment. Through expertly designed exercises and activities, attendees are inspired to engage with the arts in a meaningful way, reducing stress and anxiey.


Join us in a focused learning environment where you can experience the beauty and joy of sculpture. Ryan’s experiential teaching style has helped many self described “non-creatives” discover and be amazed by their hidden talent! Attendees have reported reduced stress and anxiety, and improved mental health. Imagine how invigorating it would be to have a new outlet for self-expression and a chance to unleash your inner artist. Sign up today and start your journey towards artistic self-discovery!

Workshops and Classes


Ryan Kurylo creates outstanding commemorative, monument and portrait commissions.